Formwork technologies

FRANK offers an extensive range of specialist formwork products and systems – to improve concrete durability and appearance, applying innovative, technical solutions on site.

Formwork for construction of ground beams, pile caps, box-outs and ribbed slabs. Also used as a foundation/pile separation layer.
Formwork for construction and expansion joints. Elements can incorporate metal waterstops and cages for rubber waterstops.
Fratec formwork for unique shapes for columns, capitals, bases, cornices, etc. Insitex® formliners for patterned concrete surfaces.
Fibre concrete and fibre cement formwork for permanent edging formwork. Floor edge and ring beam insulating forms.
Release agent (Trennfit), Accessories for threaded steel tie and Joint profile strips.
Reduce uplift pressure on concrete slabs & piled foundations. Pecavoid® is designed to compress when ground movement occurs.
Tubbox® column formers for single use and Tubbox® Multi column formers for multiple use.
Zemdrain® controlled permeability formwork (CPF) liners for concrete surfaces with a quality finish and enhanced durability.
Box-out shutters made from steel and cardboard for use in in-situ and precast concrete construction.