Reinforcement technologies

A full range of connection systems is available. These include threaded bar couplers, continuity strips (Stabox®), heavy duty dowels for static and dynamic loads (Egcodorn) and insulated balcony connectors (Egcobox®). Due to Frank’s in-house manufacturing facilities many of these products can be produced as “specials” to meet the individual needs of your site

Stabox® is a rebar connection system using rebendable steel for force transmission at joints between concrete elements.
Egcodorn and Egcodubel are a range of shear dowel systems that can accommodate most static and dynamic loads.
Shearail® prefabricated punching shear reinforcement system, BRE Certified to BS 8110 and EC2 for flat, piled and post-tensioned slabs.
Coupler - the threaded steel coupler system has been designed for 100% load transmission and is suitable for static and dynamic loads.
Egcobox® systems help to prevent thermal bridging between buildings and external structural members.