Sealing technologies

To ensure that structures such as basements and water retaining tanks remain watertight, they must be sealed to prevent the ingress of water from any source. A watertight structure is achieved by the use of an appropriate waterstop or other sealing system. The type of waterstop used will depend upon the type of joint, water and water pressure. Frank offer waterstops for all joint types (construction or working joint, movement joint and for penetrations). FRANK sealing products include injection hose systems (Intec®), metal water stops (Fradiflex®), expanding waterstops (Cresco®) and liner pipes (Permur®) all of which are eminently suitable for sealing joints in watertight structures.

A range of coated metal water stops for the sealing of construction joints.
Resins, cement suspensions and accessories for use with the Intec injection hose system. Resins and accessories for sealing cracks.
A permanent liner tube and/or special former for forming preformed openings for pipes and the high quality seal inserts to seal them.
The desired Level of service for structures with high grade use requirements (BS8102:2009 Grade 3/DAfStb use category A+).
A range of injection hose systems for sealing of construction joints with polyurethane and acrylic resins or cement suspension.
A range of expanding water stops of different compositions suitable for the sealing of most construction joints.
A range of non-expanding adhesive water stops creates a permanent seal which is resistant to acids, alkalis, silage and salt water.