NOVÁ KAROLINA PARK, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Nova Karolina is one of the largest urban development projects in the Czech Republic. On a 32-acre site just 500 meters from the historic city centre of Ostrava three new buildings are being constructed. One of them, Nova Karolina Park offers a modern design and imaginative architecture. The six-storey "Green Building" includes an office area of 24,600 square meters, a ground floor retail space spread over 3,700 square meters and a basement with 280 parking spaces. This modern mono-block was designed by the architect Vit Maslo and David R. Chisholm (CMC architects) in sympathy with the existing buildings.

To ensure rapid progress on site the column former Tubbox® by FRANK was used for the construction of numerous columns. To ensure that there was no damage to the lined face of the construction cores "Rondo" extruded fibre concrete spacers from Frank were used. To assist with the building acoustics, the acoustic decoupling system Egcosono was also installed whilst the use of Egcodorn transverse force dowels helped to maintaining minimal concrete thickness.


 Podzemni Stavby Brno s.r.o.
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