BAR Membership

British Association of Reinforcement

MAX FRANK has joined the British Association of Reinforcement (BAR) – a trade association for UK manufacturers and fabricators of steel reinforcement products.

As a producer of CARES approved Shearail® punching shear reinforcement, fibre concrete spacers, Egcobox® thermal breaks, dowel systems and couplers, Staffordshire-based Max Frank Ltd. has a strong interest in further developing the UK reinforcement sector – a prime BAR objective.

British Association of Reinforcement (BAR)

Max Frank Ltd. was attracted to join BAR for the synergy between the objectives of the two organisations. “There are distinct overlaps in interests and objectives in sector development”, explained Gerhard Bumes, Managing Director at Max Frank Ltd., “Membership of BAR will enable us to have an input to that development”.

“BAR is delighted to welcome new member Max Frank and looks forward to working with them in areas of standards development, health and safety and sustainable reinforced concrete construction”, said Steve Elliot, BAR Chairman.

BAR provides an industry focus and marketing champion for the UK’s reinforcement industry. BAR’s membership has grown to include UK reinforcement fabricators and accessory suppliers. Its membership has representation on British Standards and CARES.

BAR aims to add value to the reinforcement industry through market development and product innovation. BAR also provides technical support, encourages good industry and health and safety practice and promotes the development of the reinforced concrete industry as a whole.

BAR is a member of CARES and all BAR members are CARES approved firms.


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