Stremaform® - Deep Slab & Base Solutions

Deep concrete slab and base construction simplified

Deep concrete construction can be a costly and grueling exercise. Stremaform® is the proven “self-supporting” jointing system which simplifies and controls pouring of concrete in large areas, allowing for more durable construction.

The revolutionary Stremaform® system is suitable for slabs up to 3m deep:

Slab Depth            MAX FRANK Solution    
 up to 500mm Stremaform®
 500mm to 3m Stremaform® "Strong"

Stremaform® is an open expanded metal mesh which is subsequently welded to a grid of steel reinforcement, offering additional strength.

Stremaform® Strong is Stremaform®, supported by additional factory stiffening (girders). Stremafix fixing anchors are also recommended to provide further support to 800mm to 3m deep slabs.

Stremaform® – the Benefits:

  • Proven bond with concrete
  • No additional propping necessary
  • No striking of the formwork required
  • No scabbling of the concrete necessary
  • Continuous reinforcement throughout the construction joint
  • Speedy installation significantly reduces labour costs and onsite programme
Stremaform® is the practical choice when it comes to onsite installation and performance.

Deep slab construction?

Another problem solved by MAX FRANK.

Next Edition... Stremaform® in action on Waste Water Treatment Works!

MAX FRANK supplied Stremaform® "self-supporting" concrete jointing system, Pecafil® permanent formwork and various sealing solutions to the largest Waste Water Treatment Works in the UK.


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