How to: Decoupling of impact sound through mass-spring system in tunnel construction

The transmission of vibrations emanated by rail vehicles is reduced by fixed tracks on floating bearings. To ensure comfort when travelling, relative movements of the individual continuous slabs must be absorbed in the direction of the reinforcement. The Egcodorn® DND shear force dowel is recommended for the coupling of the dynamically stressed joints.

How to:

Mass Spring System
  • In order to ensure a fast and rational construction process, Egcodorn® DND shear force dowels can be integrated into pre-fabricated Stremaform® self-supporting concrete jointing system.
  • Installation takes place section by section using a crane.
  • Prefabrication guarantees the parallel installation of the units.
  • Once completed, vertical relative movements between two neighbouring continuous slabs are prevented.
  • At the same time, the track troughs can freely deform horizontally at the joint, in the direction of travel.

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