Stremaform® - Expansion Joints with Egcodorn® Shear Force Dowels

Controlled movement at joint locations - from MAX FRANK.

Stremaform®, the proven “self-supporting” jointing system for expansion joints, just got clever... The system can be tailored to incorporate shear dowels for transverse forces and dynamic loads!

Stremaform® units, incorporating Egcodorn® and Egcodubel shear force dowels, permit lateral movement, in either direction, within the plane of the slab - an ideal solution to allow controlled movement at the joint location.


Stremaform® with incorporated Egcodubel:

  • Suitable for lower transmittable loads
  • Ancillary applications, i.e. industrial floors or structural connections
  • On-site assembly

Stremaform® with incorporated Egcodorn®:

  • "Anchor bodies" offer transmission of very high loads
  • Larger applications, i.e. major concrete structures, basements, tunneling and railway tracks
  • Pre-fabricated solution for speedy installation
  • Egcodorn type DND can be incorporated to combat dynamic forces

Stremaform® enables the Contractor to pour a sequence of concrete pours, whilst incorporating expansion joints, ultimately reducing the construction period. As a permanent formwork, Stremaform® remains in situ – eliminating the need to strip the formwork.

Concrete expansion & contraction?

Another problem solved by MAX FRANK.

Next Edition... Stremaform® crack-induced joints


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