Stremaform® – Controlled Crack-Induced Joints

Permanent “crack-inducing” concrete jointing system

The speedy Stremaform® system simplifies construction of day joints, deep slabs and expansion joints. The extent of its capabilities doesn’t end there. Stremaform® for crack-induced joints creates a controlled crack, in a specific location, to prevent spontaneous cracking in concrete slabs.


Slow, costly and labour-intensive construction methods are now a thing of the past. Special Stremaform® units, designed to prevent positive connections between concrete sections, create an induced crack at the desired location. The units can also include integrated water bars, cages, metal waterstops or shear force dowels.

Stremaform® Crack-Induced Joints - for walls and slabs:

  • as stop-end formwork for sequential pours
  • for continuous pours in monolithic concrete structures

Stremaform® enables the Contractor to pour a sequence of concrete pours, whilst incorporating crack-induced joints, ultimately reducing the construction period. As a permanent formwork, Stremaform® remains in situ – eliminating the need to strip the formwork.

Alleviating concrete stress?

Another problem solved by MAX FRANK.

Next Edition... Stremaform® crack-controlled joints

with integrated waterstops


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