Quick designing and dimensioning of Egcobox® thermal breaks

The free-of-charge Egcobox® Software developed by FRANK, provides Archictects and Structural Engineers with a step by step programme for designing and dimensioning Egcobox® thermal breaks.

The dimensioning software assists users in their choice between various standard geometries with variable dimensions, in the calculation of cut sizes and their dimensioning as well as for top view and sectional drawings. The Egcobox® Software allows for calculation of the following balcony types: cantilevered balcony, Loggia balcony recessed, re-entering or circumferential corner balcony and beam-supported balcony.

Free-of-charge download available here

FRANK has most recently developed a new version of Egcobox® Software. Version 2.0 offers even better top views and installation drawings (incl. dimensions) as the previous version, moreover, it also comprises special applications, such as load transmission at points and now conforms to specific UK standards. A user manual is currently part of the software.

Egcobox® is a certificated system approved since 1997 for preventing thermal bridging between buildings and cantilevered components, such as balconies, consoles, walls etc. 

The Egcobox® system impresses by its versatility. In addition to the well-known standard elements it is possible to design the cantilever connector Egcobox® special element in-line with static and geometrical requirements.

Egcobox software
Egcobox balcony connection


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