Pecafil® permanent formwork

Tried, Tested, Trusted for over 35 years!

MAX FRANK are the manufacturer and supplier of Pecafil® permanent formwork for the construction of ground beams, box-out shutters, floor-edge forms, pile caps and bases. Pecafil® can be used as a separation material between the concrete face and steel sheet piles or contiguous concrete piles, and can also be adapted for use as weather, dust and privacy protection screens.

Pecafil® is manufactured and supplied direct by MAX FRANK. Tried and tested on site for 35 years, Pecafil® is the preferred choice for today's construction professionals.

The Benefits of Pecafil®:

  • Wide range of standard and bespoke panels for any application
  • Save time and cost on blinding, labour and spoil removal
  • No stripping, cleaning or return of the Pecafil® formwork
  • Pecafil® is light enough for just one person to handle
  • Pecafil® is fast and easy to install
  • Pecafil® can be re-used up to four times*
  • Reduced working space requirement
  • Pecafil® provides a clean, spoil-free section for pouring the concrete
  • No release agents or any other preparation work required
  • Fully detailed schedule of units provided with delivery of Pecafil®

* depending on specific site conditions and construction method.

Manufactured for your application

Pecafil® is processed in Max Frank Ltd's factory, centrally located in the Midlands for easy distribution. Delivered direct to your site, ready for easy installation, Pecafil® is simple to install and comes with all units clearly marked.

Pecafil® formwork is environmentally friendly, has no impact groundwater and is recyclable. Pecafil® is a fast, cost-effective and convenient formwork material that you can rely upon.

Pecafil® can be used in conjunction with Pecavoid® ground heave solution.

N.B. We recommend the use of Pecafil® plastic side spacers, fibre concrete triangular bar or rail type bar with Pecafil® formwork. It is advisable to use protection caps where reinforcement projects from piles.

Please email drawings or quotation requests to our dedicated Pecafil® support team:

Pecafil® replaces conventional timber or steel shuttering for the in-ground construction of pile caps and ground beams, to provide fast and accurate formwork installation.

Pecafil® is suitable for a range of applications, using standard or custom-manufactured elements:

Pecafil® is a specially manufactured material which is constructed from a steel mesh in a wide range of sheet and strip sizes with various wire diameters, shaped to meet your needs. Its distinctive "Pecafil® yellow" outer layer is manufactured from strong heat-shrunk polyethylene, made from non-toxic, naturally occurring hydrocarbons. 

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