Permanent Formwork

The FRANK range of specialist permanent formwork offers solutions to the need for innovative formwork for many in-situ and precast concrete structures. 

Fibre Forms

A range of fibre concrete, fibre cement and cement based wooden chipboard formwork for a variety of permanent formwork applications. 

Fibre-reinforced concrete - Permanent edging formwork

Permanent edging formwork made of fibre-reinforced concrete is used as formwork in semi-precast and precast elements:

  • Precast elements - for production of various types of precast unit requiring permanent edging formwork e.g., precast balconies and special slabs for stair landings
  • Twin-Wall construction – permanent formwork used for inner surfaces of doors and windows for structural wall systems

Fibre-reinforced concrete - Shutter panels

This shutter panel is used as a floor-edge formwork and as a covering for formwork joints in insitu concrete constructions.

Fibre-reinforced concrete - Bevel formwork element

This formwork element with bevelled edges is used as permanent formwork for the edge beams of bridges.

Fibre cement - Shutter panels

Shutter panels made of fibre cement are used as permanent infill formwork between steel beams for bridge construction. They are also used as building boards for cladding of structural members and as backing strips for the erection of prefabricated building components. These cement-based panels are extremely durable. 

Cement bonded chipboard - Floor-edge forms

These forms are a cost efficient permanent floor edge element without insulation properties. Floor-edge forms are produced with grouted anchor holes on the inside surface in order to ensure a good bond with in-situ concrete. The floor is ready for concreting approximately 2 hours after fixing of the form in position.



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