Stremaform® jointing formwork

Stremaform® is a permanent formwork material designed for the fabrication and construction of joints / stop-ends in reinforced concrete structures which are often very difficult to construct on-site. Application areas include; walls, slabs, bases and beam recesses.

The need for continuous reinforcement hinders access for formwork erection and for watertight structures the need for a metal, expanding or rubber bar waterstops is an added complication. A stop end constructed using traditional timber or steel formwork is often difficult to fix. Stremaform® can be used for all sizes of joint. The surface produced by Stremaform® is equivalent to or better than one produced by conventional scabbling. The subsequent concrete pour binds to the rough face produced to provide a shear key. Independent testing confirms the very high shear transfer loads achieved.

Stremaform® formwork manufactured by Max Frank, is the ideal solution to these problems. Stremaform® – an expanded metal mesh, embedded in reinforcing steel on both sides - is prefabricated in FRANK's factory and supplied to the construction site ready for installation. Stremform® is recyclable and is manufactured to suit your specific requirements.

The material is resistant to deflection, resulting in a very high shear strength which is identical to that of monolithic concrete. It is the ideal lost formwork for producing quality joints in reinforced concrete.

The main application of Stremaform® is for concrete construction joints and for expansion joints.


NBS Clause - Stremaform®


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