Stremaform® jointing formwork

Stremaform® is a permanent formwork system designed for use in concrete structures as a solution for construction joints, stop-ends and expansion joints.

Stremaform® is an expanded open metal mesh, embedded inbetween a reinforcing steel grid – through its method of fabrication Stremaform® is resistant to deflection, resulting in a very high shear strength which is identical to that of monolithic concrete.

Stremaform® resolves many issues that standard formwork erection for stop ends and construction joints cannot. It is designed, tailored and prefabricated in Max Frank's factory and supplied to the construction site ready for installation.

System features and benefits:

  • It is a self-supporting stopend formwork solution, that doesn’t require additional timber support.
  • Provides quick and easy installation - significantly reducing site program times and labour.
  • Provides a simple method of installing continuity reinforcement, that standard formwork erection cannot.
  • Can be easily prefabricated and incorporated with numerous waterstop solutions, for concrete structures.
  • The surface produced by Stremaform® is equivalent to or better than one produced by conventional scabbling. With the subsequent concrete pour binding to the rough face to provide a shear key. Independent testing confirms the very high shear transfer loads achieved.
  • It can also include many other reinforced concrete structural solutions; from crack inducing joint solutions, shear transfer devices, waterstops and acoustic, to name but a few.
  • Stremform® is recyclable.

Stremaform® is the ideal self supporting lost formwork for producing quality joints in reinforced concrete.


NBS Clause - Stremaform®


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Stremaform® jointing formwork
Stremaform® jointing formwork

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Stremaform® jointing formwork

Application guidelines

Stremaform® jointing formwork