Al Garhoud Bridge, Dubai

Project:Al Garhoud Bridge, Dubai
Construction start:March 2006
Planned design life:
120 years
Zemdrain® controlled permeability formliner

Zemdrain® formwork liner was used to ensure a non-porous concrete surface of the Al Garhoud Bridge in Dubai.

Major considerations for any concrete structure in the Gulf region are durability and whole life costs due to the extremely hostile environment. High salt contents combined with high humidity and frequent sand storms provide a severe test of any concrete which is also exacerbated for structures over water.

To ensure the highest quality concrete surfaces and maximum durability resistance the use of Zemdrain® was specified by the project consultants for the most critical areas of the bridge.

Zemdrain® use produces absolutely plane and blowhole free concrete with significantly improved resistance to aggressive mechanical and chemical environmental attack when compared to all traditional cast concrete.